• Partnering with parents ...

    to build parenting skills.

  • Partnering with parents ...

    to facilitate deeper connection in families.

  • Partnering with parents ...

    to raise children that care.


What is
Parenting Matters?

PARENTING MATTERS is an organisation which celebrates the journey of parenthood. We create opportunities for parents to PAUSE, REFLECT and LEARN through workshops and discussion groups.

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Would you join a
Parenting Program?

Some reservations you might have about parenting programs are addressed by parents who have experienced first hand being in a parenting workshop with us in the above video.

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Read what
our participants say

"The workshop showed me better ways of communicating with my children, where we understood one another and resolved many conflicts and frictions due to lapses which led to unnecessary confrontations. "

"Parenting matters: yes it mattered to me, like a caterpillar evolves into a beautiful butterfly, the same way I as a mother grew to learn to value the most wonderful relationship."

"It has been a eye-opener. As a parent of 2 children, this program has helped me transform myself to a new parent"

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