Parenting Courses

Learning and developing our parenting skills takes time and effort! Having worked with parents since 2004, we found that parents benefit most from an ongoing program in which they get exposed to parenting concepts, learn and apply new skills, and come back week after week to share their experiences.


Interactive sessions 

Hence we designed parenting courses where participants attend a session each week for two hours over a number of weeks. The sessions are interactive. Through exercises and discussions and practice sessions parents are empowered with skills that help them deepen their connection with their children which in turn helps to guide them more effectively. Typically a group has 15-25 participants. The two Parenting Courses we are now offering are Parenting Teenagers (6 week course)  AND Parenting Course for parents of children aged 0-12 years (offered as 2 modules of 5 weeks each) -Details given below.

Our Courses focus on:

Understanding and meeting the needs of the child

  • Learning from science about what children most need from parents.Using information about brain and child development to parent.

  • Developing a parenting approach which helps children grow to their full potential.

  • Becoming aware of the ‘why’ of children's behaviours. Understanding children’s inner drive and developmental needs.

  • Exploring ways to meet children's needs keeping in mind parent’s needs and the family environment and culture.

Communication that builds connection between parent and child

  • Helping children express and cope with their feelings by creating a safe environment.

  • Learning to listen to children so that they feel heard and understood.

  • Developing the skill of being an empathetic and approachable parent - an essential to strengthen the bond between parent & child.

  • Understanding the impact of the way parents communicate on the child's brain.

  • Equipping parents to be emotional coaches and build emotional intelligence in their children.

Building inner discipline in children

  • Defining the qualities parents wish to see in their children as adults and what type of discipline would build these qualities.

  • Questioning the effectiveness of rewards and punishments in building inner discipline

  • Reflecting on our childhood and what style of discipline worked for us and what did not.

  • Learning to communicate in ways that engage cooperation from children.

  • Exploring a collaborative approach to discipline which creates a respectful relationship between parent and child.

  • Learning tools for setting limits and guiding  children with empathy and love.  

Parenting Teenagers Course

12 hour program spanning 6 weeks - one session of 2 hours a week


The Parenting Teenagers program is based on the three modules above in relation to understanding adolescence and teenage behaviour. The course also explores the changes taking place in the teenage brain. This enables parents to support the needs of teenagers and help them develop to their full potential keeping in mind their own family environment and culture.

Parenting Course (parents of 0-12 years)

There are two parts to this course. Each part is a 10 hour program spanning 5 weeks - one session of 2 hours a week.


Part 1 - Understanding and meeting needs of children AND communication that builds connection between parent and child


Part 2 - Building inner discipline AND setting limits with empathy