Radio shows

Parenting Matters in association with Chennai Live 104.8 FM has successfully completed 12 episodes on radio on 'Live and let live' with RJ Jane . 


Show 1 : Is there a need to talk about parenting? Link to Bulletin ||| for video recording part 1 click here  ||  part 2 (not available due to some technical problems) || for part 3 click here 


 Show 2 : Tantrums and managing emotions Link to Bulletin  |||  Link to audio recording  


 Show 3 : Chennai Floods - How can we help children become strong and resilient?  Click here


 Show 4 : Freedom? How much is just right? Link to Bulletin ||| Link to audio recording 


 Show 5 : Wires crossed:Why do parents and children have trouble conversing?  Click here ||| Link to audio recording


 Show 6 : Punishment : Does it help build discipline? Click here  ||| Link to audio recording


 Show 7 : Why do teenagers behave the way they do? - Understanding the teenage brain Click here ||| Link to audio recording


Show 8 : Are rewards any better than punishments? Click here ||| Link to audio recording 


Show 9 : Nurturing Sibling Relationships  Click here ||| Link to audio recording


Show 10: Approaches to discipline:what helps children grow to their full potential? Click here ||| Link to audio recording 


Show 11: Fatherhood: The important role that dads play  Link to bulletin ||| Link to audio recording


Show 12: Dealing Successfully with Failure  Link to bulletin  ||| Link to audio recording