NEW! Launching an Adoptive Parents Support Group

Raising an adoptive child is a unique experience.Adoptive children and adoptive parents  have their own set of life experiences which need to be understood and  supported.Parenting Matters would like to create a space for Adoptive parents to come together share experiences and information and support each other. 

Parenting Matters will be providing the space at our Centre in Gandhi Nagar and facilitating the session.After the first meeting, further sessions can be planned according to the convenience of the group  on topics such as communication or setting limits these could be planned according to the need of the group. 

 on 25th March , Saturday |  from 11.00 am - 12.00 pm |  Fee Rs. 100 per head


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Address : B7 Ramanalaya Apts, No.11 - 1st Crescent Park Road, Gandhi Nagar,Adyar.



Fees per participant:

Talks - Rs.250 per session

Parent and Baby/Toddler Program - Rs.250 per session.

Parenting course- Rs. 4500 for ten sessions ( payable at the end of session 1) For details of this course click here.

Parenting Teenagers Module - Rs.2700 for 6 sessions (payable at the end of session 1)

Saturday Workshops - Rs.700 per session

Library membership- Non refundable one time deposit of Rs.800/- and Fee of Rs.50 per month per book that is borrowed.