•  Session for CAREGIVERS and NANNIES :  Friday,15th September 2017 Parallel sessions in both HINDI and TAMIL

 10 am - 12.30 pm | Fees : Rs. 500 per participant | @ Parenting Resource Centre (click here for address)

For queries/registration call 95660 75368 OR write to us on email

In response to requests from our participants, we are offering a program for nannies or any other caregivers of children. Our goal is to add value to their job and sensitise them to handling children in ways which enable children to thrive.  

Who can attend?
  • Any caregivers of children such as grandparents and extended family
  • Hired help - nannies and any other house help who is interacting with the children 
  • Workers in day care and creches 
Caregivers and Nannies are very important people in your child's life! 
Their interactions with the child has an enormous impact on the child's development, state of mind and self confidence. Caregivers may want to do the best for the child but sometimes out of frustration they may resort to scare tactics,threats and other methods which harm children. They may also keep restricting the child as they do not understand their developmental needs. They do this because they do not know any other way. We believe it is important to empower all caregivers of children with information and tools to enable them to aid the healthy development of children and handle children with the care and respect they deserve. 
This program aims at helping caregivers: 
  • Value the work they do and develop a more sensitive approach towards the children in their care
  • Understand the needs of the child and the how to meet their needs
  • Win the cooperation of the child through connection rather than using control and force
  • Avoid the use of methods that harm the child such as threats, scare tactics, hitting, shaming
  • Learn practical skills for  positive discipline and communicating with the child
All parents who are sending a caregiver to attend this program are required to attend a one hour orientation on the same day - 10.00 am -11.00 am. This is to brief you on the approach we will be giving the caregivers.It is very important that parents/ employers are on the same page with the caregivers in the way of handling the child.    
  •   REFRESHER COURSE (For parents of 0-12 years) 

Calling all old participants for a refresher program- In this session we will revisit tools you have learnt in our course and take up your examples to discuss practical ways of using these tools. 

19th September | 9.30 am - 10.30 am | Rs. 200 per participant | @ Parenting Resource Centre (click here for address) 

SMS/ Whatsapp on 9566075368 to register

  • BABY MATTERS: A  program for parents and babies upto 14 months old @ Parenting Resource Centre (click here for address)

Call 9556075368 to register OR write to us on email

In this forum, we will discuss all concerns and challenges of this age group. Information about the child's developing brain and why the first year of life is critical will be shared. Parents will gain a deeper understanding of babies needs as well as get an opportunity to discuss  day to day issues such as feeding, play, sleep, baby wearing, introducing solid food etc with inputs from certified parent educators.

 Additionally your baby would get a chance to interact with other babies and as parents we will discuss skills to facilitate this interaction. 

At Parenting Matters, it is our endeavour to support parents in every way possible. We believe that parents should not miss out due to financial reasons. Any parent challenged with payment of fees and wishing to request payment in instalments,concessions or waivers,please do contact us.