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YOUR CHILD’S SELF-ESTEEM:This program is aimed at parents of children in the 0-12 age group.STARTS on Wed, 1st Nov 2017

10 hours (A weekly session of 2 hours conducted over 5 weeks) Every Wednesday 9.30 am- 11.30 am | Rs.2500* per participant

What this course will cover: 

    •      The latest information in science about brain development
    •      How to use this information to help our children grow to their full potential
    •     Understanding and responding to children’s needs so that they feel valued, safe and confident
    •     Communicating in ways which help children feel heard and understood. 
    •     How to be an emotional coach to help children manage their feelings
    •     Building your child’s emotional intelligence.

 POSITIVE DISCIPLINE:This program is aimed at parents of children in 0-12 age group.STARTS ON Friday, 3rd Nov 2017

12 hours (A weekly session of 2 hours conducted over 6 weeks) | Every Friday 9.30 am- 11.30 am  | Fee: Rs.3000* per participant

What this course will cover: 

    •     Explore the concept of discipline and arrive at the kind of discipline we would wish to have in our family
    •     Question the effectiveness of rewards and punishments as tools of discipline and analyse if they help in developing the qualities we want in our children
    •     Reflect on our own childhood to understand what style of discipline worked for us and what did not.
    •     Learn to communicate in ways which engage cooperation from children
    •     Learn a variety of positive tools for disciplining and setting limits while keeping the connection with the child.

We recommend that parents do the course on self-esteem first as it forms a good foundation for understanding and building an approach to discipline


 PARENTING TEENAGERS:This program is aimed at parents of teenagers Starts on 31st October 2017

12 hours (A weekly session of 2 hours conducted over 6 weeks) | Every Tuesday 9.30 am- 11.30 am  |  Rs.3000* per participant

The Parenting Teenagers program explores the changes taking place in the teenage brain. This enables parents to support the needs of teenagers and help them develop to their full potential keeping in mind their own family environment and culture. The course also provides many practical tools for disciplining and communicating with teenagers- how to get their cooperation, how to set limits and how to problem solve with them to arrive at solutions collaboratively.


 REFRESHER COURSE (For parents of 0-12 years) 


Calling all old participants for a refresher program- In this session we will revisit tools you have learnt in our course and take up your examples to discuss practical ways of using these tools. 

7th November | 9.30 am - 10.30 am | Rs. 200 per participant* 


*At Parenting Matters, it is our endeavour to support parents in every way possible. We believe that parents should not miss out due to financial reasons. Any parent challenged with payment of fees and wishing to request payment in instalments,concessions or waivers,please do contact us.