Growing up in a Porn Culture :  Harms and Safeguards 

By Samantha Wechsler, executive Director at Culture Reframed 

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Studies show that males, on average, first view internet pornography between ages 11 and 14, though recent anecdotal evidence puts it even earlier, between the ages of 8 and 10. Most young people today access porn on mobile phones, through social media sites that are targeted to teens, and free internet porn sites. Today’s mainstream porn is hardcore and violent, and many parents are struggling to find ways to protect their children from the harms of pornography.  



In this presentation, Samantha Wechsler, Executive Director of Culture Reframed, will: 

Give a brief overview of the ways in which early access and repeated exposure to pornography undermines the healthy social, sexual, emotional, and cognitive development of young people

Debunk the most prevalent myths about kids and pornorgraphy

Provide tips for parents to help them build resilience and resistance in their kids to porn culture


Presenter Bio
Samantha Wechsler is a proven leader who brings expertise in facilitating difficult conversations, positioning organizations for change and growth, and developing innovative, effective programming. Much of Samantha's career has been devoted to creating, improving, and expanding opportunities for children and youth. As the Executive Director of Culture Reframed, Samantha Wechsler, in collaboration with the Founder & President, sets the overall strategy for the organization and outlines short, medium, and long-term goals and activities to achieve the organization’s mission. She is a frequent presenter on Culture Reframed’s online Programs for Parents.