sessionOur methodology is based on three basic premises:

  1. Learning takes place most effectively in a small group environment.
  2. Participants always benefit from a series of sessions rather than a single workshop since it is difficult to take ideas from a one-time session and really make it part of your life.
  3. The facilitator is not the only resource in the room. Every single parent with their own experiences brings so much to the group.

Small groups

All content is presented in an interactive manner where participants take part in activities and exercises, discuss, express their views, clarify their doubts and share their experiences.

Participants are welcome to bring up individual concerns as the process of understanding and working through these is beneficial to the entire group. It provides them with an approach that can be applied to a variety of situations.

In some sessions the group of 15 is broken up into smaller groups of 3-4 for brainstorming and working on practical and real life situations.

Series of 8-10 sessions

When the sessions take place as a series, participants get exposed to ideas, they go home try them out and come back to share their experiences about what worked and what did not. Listening to how others have applied the ideas is also very enlightening including being exposed to what challenges each one may have faced.

We give all participants follow up work which they can do to give structure to the new skills they are trying out. Every concept is followed by a practice session so participants can try out these skills in a non threatening environment.

Each parent is a resource

We see every parent with his/ her wealth of experience as a resource for the group. There is no one “right” way of parenting as every child and family is unique.

We encourage discussion which helps each participant feel empowered to find what works for them and learn from others in the group.

It is not a lecture based program.