Our Approach

Parenting Matters believes that each child and family is unique; effective parenting is therefore a skill that develops from a basic knowledge of parenting concepts, awareness and conviction, and most importantly, constant practical application and modification based on the above.


Understanding is key

We as facilitators are clear that we are not there to preach. We truly believe that there are no quick fix solutions for the many problems a parent faces. Parents could be facing the same issues but the reasons might be totally different. The group is just a place that helps us become more aware of ourselves and the needs of our children. Once parents understand their environment, they can themselves work out their own path applying the understanding learnt from the groups.

Empowerment of parents

Every parent is entitled to have knowledge about the science of parenting and brain development. This will empower them to mindfully raise children to rise to their full potential.

The purpose of the groups is not only to create a forum for learning and sharing ideas but also to practice through roles plays and exercises the new skills we learnt. This empowers parents to apply concepts learnt in real life situations.