Resource Repository for Parents


Dear Parents and Caregivers,

We are all in a unique position of being indoors as entire family units. With schools being closed, keeping the children engaged is a key task. It is important for them and for us. We are humbled as the world has banded together to support our little human beings in what can be a very       confusing and difficult time for them.

As parents ourselves, we kept getting suggestions for various resources that were free or have been made free in view of this situation. Our team thought it would be valuable to have all these resources made available in one place, so that parents and caregivers have a quick reference point. No need to try and remember who forwarded you the link to some activity, no need to scroll through emails or WhatsApp messages. Just bookmark this one page and you are set!


  • Our intention is to support parents and children. We are not getting paid by any website, app or anyone for this. We do not have any affiliate links. These are a mix for various age groups. You know best what is appropriate for your child and please ensure they are watching age appropriate content. If you find anything offensive or inappropriate, please flag it to us via email.
  • We have tried to restrict this page to free resources or resources that have been made free. A lot of the resources may be free for a trial period, until 31st March, for a month or until the end of June 2020. Please check before you sign up how the free trial/ usage works and when you need to cancel/ renew etc. That remains the end user’s personal responsibility. Some resources mentioned here (a handful that escaped our tired scrutiny!) may be paid services.
  • We have collected these resources from Buzzfeed articles, Digital Parenting Community Facebook Page, personal forwards from friends whose siblings have created art printables, Origamists etc. We are unable to enumerate our collective gratitude to all those internet pages which have made this possible. We humbly request you that if you find any link not accredited, insufficiently accredited, incorrectly accredited, please send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will set it right the best we can.

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