Covid resources and ideas for parents

As a society we are going through a collective trauma. Though we parents are  aware that this is impacting our children it's valuable to  know that we also are in a position to mitigate the effects of this trauma.

Our team has put together resources which will help you support yourselves and your children in these unprecented times.


arrow Douments to help you. These can be downloaded.

  • Resource Repository for parents of 0-12 to help keep children busy at home English | Tamil
  • My Covid 19 Time capsule gives a format for children to create a journal around what happened in the pandemic


arrow Often , we discipline our children on auto-pilot. Even though we don't want to be harsh we use punishments and rewards to discipline because we don't know any other way. Check out this book that explores positive ways to discipline our children. Punishment Vs. Positive Discipline: Know the Difference. Read in English | Read in Tamil




arrow We have conducted a number of public webinars through this past year to support parents specifically with regards to the pandemic as well as otherwise. here are the links



arrow Short videos for bite sized perspectives for times of lockdown and stay at home scenarios due to the pandemic


arrow Read an article written by a certified parent educator from our team on Children learn what they live: Role modeling well-being in a time of crisis