Frequently Asked Questions


How can I participate in a program?

There are 3 ways to go about this:
  • Ask the school or corporate you are associated with to get in touch with us to do the program. You could introduce us to the principal / management and we will take it from there.
  • Interested parents can form a group and approach us to conduct the program - even in their neighbourhood.
  • Find out if there is any ongoing program you can join.

Where are the parenting programs conducted?

We run  parenting programs at various venues . It may be in a resource centre such a Vanilla children’s place or Good Books or a school or corporate house or even in a home. We would be  happy to run a program for any group of 15 parents.

I want to start a parenting program in my locality. What is the process?

  1. You can contact us by e-mail on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; Or call us on …… We will get in touch with you with the details of the program.
  2. We will come to your premises and conduct an introductory session for all interested and answer any queries that one may have about the program. This will give an idea of what one can hope to get out of the program.
  3. After that we can ask those interested to sign up for the program.
  4. Once we have a group of 15 participants, we can begin the weekly sessions on days and timings suitable to all.

How do I know that this program is relevant to me?​

  • This workshop is for all adults who have children in their care or are closely associated with them. This includes but is not limited to parents, caregivers, grandparents and teachers.
  • You could go through our content, get feedback from those who have already been a part of our groups, attend the introductory session and then decide if you want to join the program.

Do I need any qualification to attend the program?​

Yes, the only qualification being in close association with children.

Can I bring my child along?

This program is for adults / parents only and we would like the group to focus single mindedly on what is being discussed. We are sure your children will benefit a lot from the program through you.

What is the duration of the program?

Different modules are of different duration. Typically a program runs for a period of  8-10 weeks. Sessions are held once a week for 1.5 hours.

Why 8- 10 sessions? Can’t I just come for one session and benefit?

Our program is not  lecture based  We believe that effective learning through deep and thorough understanding comes from experiencing the skills hands on. 8-10 sessions gives parents the time to go home and put to use the skills that are discussed in the class, come back  the following week and share their experience with everyone further cementing the learning. This helps parents clarify and work around problems they may face in practically implementing concepts/skills imparted in the sessions.

Is it necessary for me to attend all sessions?

All the sessions are inter-related and it will be most beneficial if you attend all the sessions.

What if I miss a session?

  • There are no make-up classes and no refunds for classes missed. The interactive nature of each session makes it impossible to recreate the learning that happens in the group.
  • However you will be given handouts for each aspect covered in class. The facilitator will be happy to work with you on any doubts and clarifications you have.
  • You can also mail in your doubts and queries to the e-group that will be created for each group or work with a co participant to catch up with missed sessions. 

Can I avail of one to one counseling ?​

For parents who have been a part of our core program and are looking at specific inputs or facing road blocks in implementing concepts learnt, we conduct individual sessions to help them out. If you are you looking for individual sessions, get in touch with us.