End Screen Battles

Are you at your wit's end because of the never ending reminders and coaxing to get your child off screens? Fed up with the constant fighting, bickering and arguing about the time they spend on phones, video games, television and computers? Wish that your child would listen and not sulk,scream and throw tantrums when screen time is done? Worried about how addicted they are to smart phones, instagram reels and youtube shots? Then this 6 week experiential course is for you!  


You can join this course to learn and implement a carefully designed, comprehensive system to track, plan and intervene to get your children to a healthy level of screen time so you feel calm, confident and qualified in dealing with any conflict or drama around screen time. 

Imagine your calm and peaceful home where there are no meltdowns or struggles around screen usage. Your relief when you see your child prioritizing school work, health and real life experiences over spending hours in the virtual world. Your wide smiles and joyful faces as you engage in various other activities as a family. The ease and comfort that comes from the quiet confidence of knowing you will be able to handle everyday situations calmly, day after day.

We start on February 9th, 2023

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 DETAILS OF THE COURSE : here's the plan for the 6 weeks






Week 1 : Introduction - Your first step to ending screen battles Identify challenges faced and set your goals so that you can  implement the predesigned comprehensive plan and be fully committed to making the changes required to end screen battles with your children in 6 weeks or less. 

Week 2 : Empower yourself with the digimentor mindset Learn the key qualities needed to develop the digital mentor mindset so that you can move away from policing to effectively guiding your child on the slippery journey of finding screen-life balance, thereby building self discipline in them.

Week 3 : Empower yourself with information This info packed module will demystify the ‘whys’ of your child’s behavior, giving you a fresh perspective so that you can make informed decisions and respond with clarity everytime without getting confused about how to handle situations.

Week 4 : Empower yourself with tools and skills Learn our Signature System to manage everyday struggles with calm,consistency and collaboration so that you can move away from guesswork and employ tried and tested strategies recommended by parenting experts and latest research in brain science to guide your children. 

Week 5 : Empower your children with self discipline around screen usage Learn and teach your children a self accountability framework so that it serves as the foundation for building self discipline. Guide them towards developing this essential life skill needed to make good choices and good habits around their academics, behavior, emotional and physical well-being.

Week 6 :  Integrating the knowledge and skills to celebrate your commitment and hard work towards accomplishing the mission you set out to crush! 

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During the six week program you get all you need to move forward. Lots of information, skills and inputs to help you feel empowered.

Information Sessions

Join our 90 minute interactive information sessions once a week so that you can learn skills and tools that can be applied in your unique situations from day 1. Become part of a community of parents so that you can discuss and resolve issues similar to yours. Don't stress if you miss a session, the recording of every session will be shared with you.

Group Coaching Sessions

Join our 90 minute group coaching calls once a week  to make the most of the opportunity to be coached via hot seat or side door coaching with qualified parent educators so that you can unravel and get to the root of your unique challenges. Capitalize on group wisdom for troubleshooting and arrive at solutions.  

One on one coaching sessions

Get ‘aha moments’ through in-depth exploration and reflection with a certified parent coach and inner child practitioner so that you can arrive at customized solutions that work for you,your children and your family. Personalized guidance by your parent coach so that you can achieve your mission in 6 weeks or less.


Session summary and worksheet for every session

Revisit concepts shared and engage in reflective exercises so that you can implement your learning and benefit fully from the course.


Unlimited access to facilitator on email/whatsapp for duration of the course

Money back Guarantee! 

If the program does not meet your expectations or you change your mind anytime before the end of the first week of the program, we will refund your investment. 

Special Bonus 

  • Lifelong access to recording of training sessions 
  • Continued group engagement and support on a closed whatsapp group for duration of the course 
  • Additional one-on-one coaching sessions at discounted rate 
  • Certificate of completion