Participants from the Building your Child's Self-Esteem Course say...

I got a lot of answers to my questions. I realised that without empathy, or understanding my child's feelings and needs, one cannot reach out to the child.
                        --Shruti Prasad, full time mom to her 5 year old son

It has helped me to assess my own strengths and weaknesses as a parent and to evolve a method to act upon them. I am convinced that empathy is the most important tool to achieve my goal of raising an emotionally balanced child. It effectively contradicts the negative impact of the dominant paradigm.
                        --Preethi Frederick, Chartered Accountant, mother to a 10 month old daughter

The program has helped me beyond the relationship with my son. It makes sense in every relationship. My husband said the name should be 'Relationship Matters' instead of Parenting Matters! The session on roadblocks in communication made me understand how my husband and son may have been feeling.
                        --R.Srividhya, Designer, mother of 4.5 year old son

In the sessions, I understood my child's needs, practiced real-life situations in communication, met and learnt about other parents' problems.
                       --Anupama, works part-time, mother of 2 year old daughter.

Participants from the Positive Discipline Course say...

It has helped me identify my backstory, make peace with it and enable me to move on. It has made me more conscious of my stressors. It has motivated me to be a better parent. It has taught me the value of my child as an individual.
                      -– Abitha Deepak, works from home and mother to 3.3 year old son

Setting limits with empathy has powerful tools that will help my children to build their inner discipline and thus helps me to have healthy relationship with my family and kids.
                      --Nithya.S. mother to 9.5 and 5.5 year olds

Participants from the Parenting Teenagers Course say -

The program gives me a clear understanding of what is going on in my teen's mind so that I am able to understand my child's needs. These sessions really made me conscious about what is happening in me – on complete self-awareness. I felt self-empathy was the most powerful concept. I was very much disturbed in my mind, this helped me to calm down a bit.
                       --Gaya, mother of 13 and 8 year olds
jagruti I have implemented some tools like empathy, not giving solutions and asking them "what they would like to do to take care of this problem". This helped me a lot. Solving problems looks like the most powerful. Giving respect to your child by taking their opinions into consideration will get them to be enthusiastic and work towards their goals.
    --Jagruti Gulechha, Freelance wall designer and mother of 12 and 8.5 year olds

From the anchors' learning, understanding and extensive study, we got an in-depth knowledge about the teenage brain and the challenges they face. We started seeing things from their perspective. Each and every session was an eye opener and very important.
                       --Anita Sundar, mother of 18 and 14 year olds

The program has helped me understand what is going on in my teen's life in a much better way. I can relate a lot more to her needs and respect them. The concept of responding and not reacting from my 'middle brain' each time my daughter does or says anything that I find unacceptable was appreciable.
                     -- Zenobia Irani, Businesswoman and mother to 20 and 15 year olds

Understanding the factors behind teen behaviour, understanding empathetic communication techniques and the language to use was useful. The need to move away from the dominant paradigm because authority is by default mode of parenting and teens are driven by peer group and are transitioning to disconnect from the family was a learning.
                   --- Anupam Shrivastava, father of 18 and 15 year olds

supriya It gave me an understanding of why my child behaves this way. It has given me ways to stay connected with him at a stage when we only seemed to fight. The teen brain explains so much. So many concepts like empathy, acceptance, problem solving, beliefs, letting go etc. were powerful.
                      --- Supriya Padmanabhan, Leadership development coach & mother of a 14 year old

I became aware that punishments and rewards do not work. The facts on the child's brain configuration and the importance of empathy were few of the highlights of the program.
                     -- Gautam Reddy, businessman, father of 15 and 12 year olds
madhupincha My association with Parenting Matters has been the journey of a late mother from an anxious bag-of-nerves-parent of preterm twins to a confident, stress-free (if there is such a thing) mom of tweens. Besides helping me to understand my boys better, PM's guidance has armed me with the knowledge and tools to face every parenting hurdle with confidence. -- Madhu Pincha , mother of 12 year old twins

I am associated with parenting matters for the past 10yrs. After attending 0 to 12yrs workshop I thought  knowledge of that would be enough to bring up my son. But after attending this teens workshop I got to know I was totally wrong. Knowing about teens brain and how to communicate to the teens was so well explained this really took the relationship with my son to the next level. Lots of home work is done by the facilitators which  made me learn so many aspects of teens in short time. -- Joshita Gupta

Found that I was not alone in this journey of raising teenagers. The facilitator was an amazing coach and facilitator. A patient and cheerful listener who made everyone comfortable and drew us all out. The attendees were high energy, upbeat and I looked forward to attending each day of the workshop. -- --Sujatha Ganesan

sucheta sundarWith one almost-a- teenager and another one not too far behind I was daunted by the whole teenager parenting prospect. New challenges and dilemmas came up frequently . The course has led to a better understanding of not only the teenager but also about myself. It was a transformative and enriching experience. It has given me a new perspective on my overall approach. The course content is excellent and well researched. The design of the course is planned in such a way that each module builds up on the previous and provides greater clarity and insight as it moves forward. The tools and strategies allow for easy application. The participants had so much to share. Our facilitator drew in the experiences of all the participants including her own, which was not only one of the best ways to learn but also inspiring and motivating for all of us. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire course and it went way beyond my expectations.
-- Sucheta Sundar

Participants from our programs conducted at Business Organisations say...

This program helped me break some of my belief systems passed down by traditional practices and view parenting in a completely different way. The tools used in giving empathy, setting limits without hurting the child, appreciation over rewards are very useful to handle difficult situations in everyday life. I realized this way of parenting is not difficult, it is a positive approach to be a responsible parent.
                    --Vino Franklin, Operations Management, CSSCORP Ambattur, (father of a daughter 2.4 years)

The sessions helped me to understand the developmental needs and behavior of my son, how the child's brain works and what actions I need to take for him to grow into a beautiful human being. The tool of Pause, Think and then Respond helped me understand the situation and manage my anger.
                      -Sandeep Arora, Management, CSSCORP Ambattur, (father of 8 year old daughter)

To think from the child's point of view and understand his feelings was new to me. The program helped me handle my son in a better way. I am able to concentrate in my work better.
                    -Mookambiga Jothiram, IT, CSSCORP Perangalathur, (mother of a 4 year old son)

Empathy and acknowledging my child's feelings helped me understand what she is going through. It has helped me build a warm relationship with my daughter. I feel happy that she wants to share her thoughts, feelings and experiences with me. She told me that even when she has a small wound, only I understand that it is painful for her.
                     -J.Nithya, IT, CSSCORP Perangalathur (mother of 5 year old daughter)

This program brought a change in me – My anger has reduced and I have stopped scolding and hitting them. I have started to listen to them. This has reduced my stress and not thinking too much about kids during office time. I have come to understand their needs and feelings.
                       -V. Sarada, Ashok Leyland

The modules on Effective Communication and Building Inner Discipline made me understand how to communicate with my child, how to listen and empathise with my child's feelings, understand how to find a solution for the problem identified. This has contributed to my work productivity because it has reduced my stress factor.
                    -N.Siva Palani, Ashok Leyland

We have now started treating our children the way they deserve and in this way we find them to be more attached to us. The methods suggested here have made us see things from their perspective and respect their individuality and earn their unconditional love and respect. The way I treat my child after I am back home is different now. I try to understand his needs as well as my emotions and feelings before I get home and it has made my after work hours at home more peaceful and happy. The most powerful concept was Engaging Cooperation which leads to more inner discipline than using abusive language to discipline them. The concepts like empathy and understanding the needs helped me build a more cordial relationship with my family members as well (my husband & mother in law)
                      -Pavithra. V., Engineer, Dell ,mother of 2.7 years son

The most useful thing was sharing the experiences, suggestions and discussions with experienced parent educators and other parents. Some tips and ideas were very useful. The most powerful concept was to deal with empathy. Though we have set limits on behaviour in the past, it has been a real eye opener for me to just put myself in my children's shoes and imagine the reason behind his behaviour.
                 -Rammohan, father of 7.5 year old son, Dell

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