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Does Parenting need to be Taught? 

Treading the fine line between a loving parent    and a permissive one

Do we really need to talk about parenting?

It takes a village to raise a child

Think Positive and Parent with Positivity

Children are nurtured when parents feel suported 

Parents Dilemma : To push or not to push

 Is there such thing as bad parenting?

Exposing children to the idea of privilege 

Decisions need to be taken based on facts

When children are thought to be manipulative

Forming an Image of the Child

The beauty of taking it slow with our kids

The challenging task of sometimes saying 'no' to our children

Parenting the Ahimsa way

Are you protecting your child or limiting them ? 

Feeling guilty about being a working parent?

Language and Child Development

Society's Role in Supporting Parents

Parenting in the fast paced world  

Self Esteem - What's it all about anyway ?

The 'easy' and the 'difficult' child : Nurturing both with fairness

Parenting the New Generation

 Take a pause and tame your anger 



Helping children during exam times

A helpful checklist and practical tips to help your child study better  PART 1

A helpful checklist and practical tips to help your child study better  PART 2




Corona Crisis: A child's point of view' 

Reflections on building meaningful family connections 

Children learn what they live, wellness in times of crisis

The imperfectly perfect moments: Helping children manage their emotions


Parents are Brain Sculptors

Disobedient Kids : Blame the brain

Why every child needs to laugh and cry!

Kids do well if they can

Who is to blame for children feeling unsafe?


Adequate sleep essential for physical and mental health

Why is parent self care so important?

Does my Child Trust Me?

Stilling the Mind: The art of observing oneself

Keeping our children safe: Looking at body autonomy

Raising an emotionally stable child

Raising a compassionate child

Regulation : A tool to help us from losing it

Cultivate mindfulness in your child and self for well-being 

Resolutions,hopes and plans for the new year

Keeping our children safe - being a vigilant parent 

Why Parents need to practice self regulation and not self control



Development of the child through exploration

Understanding your child's need for order

Why do children need to move?

Giving a generous dose of love

Is Thumb Sucking really Harmful?

The importance of unstructured playtime

A hug a day keeps stress away

Preparing a child towards independence

Your child needs love and care everyday

Crying is beautiful 

Let the kids play by their own rules

Learn to let go and let children grow up

When children are thought to be manipulative

Understanding the back story



Understanding teenagers

Teenagers:Self Centred or Society Centred 

Is the Younger Generation Over-sensitive?

What to do when teenagers push us away

When our kids fly the nest

Importance of 'touch' in helping troubled teens beat stress

Can we parents say ‘Why Not’

Responding to your Teenager's Big Feelings when you need to say No

Teenagers and their search for identity 

Why teenagers need their privacy

Responding to rudeness from teenagers 

Letter to a teenager at the onset of their board exams

The ever evolving manual of a teenager's parent 


Are rewards effective in disciplining children?

Spare the rod and connect with your child

Using Humour in Parenting

Why children struggle to cooperate 

Engaging cooperation by expressing feelings part 1

 Engage your child’s cooperation by giving choices part 2

Engage your child’s cooperation by giving information part 3

Engage your child’s cooperation by writing a note part 4

Made a mistake, we all do. Let's set it right! part 5

Child Leash - helpful of harmful



Get the backstory to effectively communicate 

Communicating the feelings behind our anger

Why do we communicate so differently with children?

How to encourage your child to talk to you today and everyday part 1

How to encourage your child to talk to you today and everyday part 2

Conversations with our College going children

Welcoming your child after being apart 


Don't create sibling rivalry,ensure kids are secure

Five statements every parent should avoid to prevent sibling rivalry



Is the quiet child saying something?

Is boarding school good for your child?

Do we talk enough about adoption?

Dealing with children in front of a new audience-part 1

Dealing with children in front of new audience- part 2

Understanding the importance of crying

Parenting a left-handed child

How do we help our children emerge stronger from a natural calamity

The do's and dont's of raising twins in a household

 Exposing children to the idea of priviliege 

Moving Homes: Helping kids through the process

Adulting: Why is it hard for millenials

Children and Foul Language : When your child uses    the 'F' word Part 1  

Children and Foul Language : When your child uses    the 'F' word Part 2

Sex Education: What is the parent's role? 

A letter to the parents of an only child

Separation or Divorce : How to minimize the impact on your child


Fathers play an important role in child development

Importance of treating kids with respect

Acceptance -the greatest gift to the child's self esteem

Do Amma and Appa love each other?

The goodness of family meal times

Mending the connection between parents and adult children

Healing ourselves to be better Parents

Grandchildren : they are ours but not ours

How family stories enrich children

Experiences with practising gratitude

What is the link between my child's self-esteem and mine?

Societal Expectations: A Father's Role

How Children Learn to say "I'm Sorry"

When your child says 'I hate you'

Parents and Grandparents 

 Special time : A tool to bond with our children

 Fatherhood - the struggles of new Dads 


Protecting kids in the digital age

How to wean your child off gadgets 

Getting your Child a Phone 

Be vigilant about Technology- part 1

Managing the Demands for Screen Time for Younger Children - part 2

Supporting Children to switch off the Screen -part 3

Helping older Children Manage Screen Time - part 4




When children say 'NO!'

Helping Toddlers Transition to School

Simple Ways to Connect with Children

How we can help children understand time

Cultivating Joy in Reading – Part 1

Cultivating Joy in reading - Part 2

Finding Beauty in Chaos 

Valuable tips to ensure safety of children

Raising a toddler? Listen to your needs,don't judge yourself harshly

Letter to the parent of a toddler

 Going out with the kids : A how to guide for parents

Sleep and Parenthood - Uneasy bedfellows 



Published in Parent Circle Magazine 

Can Children Be In Charge Of Their Eating Habits?

Mothers could do well to remember that once upon a time, their precious infant when hungry, cried to be suckled, and that the baby would be kept aside only when she stopped feeding. The mother never knew how much milk the baby consumed but trusted that the little one knew how much she needed for sustenance. So why should it be different now that she is older and is on solid food? Don’t we trust her anymore? We need to be aware of our own beliefs and observe if these are creating disharmony between us and our children.

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Your Child Is Talking? Be All Ears

We often use the words ‘hear’ and ‘listen’ synonymously. But a dictionary will reveal that they have quite different meanings. To ‘hear’ is to perceive a sound or to realize that someone is making a sound. On the other hand, to ‘listen’ is to pay attention to a sound. While to hear is simply to become conscious of sound, to listen is to make a conscious effort to hear. We may often hear without listening!  So, do we merely hear or truly listen to our children?

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Telling Lies?No, Momma!

 As a parent, the first time your child lies to you, you are in shock. ‘How can my little one lie to me?’, you wonder. ‘I love her so much. Surely she ought to be honest with me.’ You are angry, baffled, and hurt. You shout at your child, “Lying is wrong. Always be honest.”

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Myths About Discipline

When parents are asked, “What do you want most for your child?”, the most common responses are Self-discipline, Honesty, Responsibility and Independent-thinking. The irony is that when we raise our children, our own actions do not reflect this. In fact, the methods that we use to discipline our children seldom promote what most of us would like for our children, which is self-discipline or true inner discipline.

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Helping Children With Homework

Today, parents are enthusiastic and interested in helping children with their studies. They want their children to do well in academics and they feel that they must push their children to do their best in this competitive world. They meet their stumbling blocks at home...with homework issues! Instead of this tug of war, we can, if we choose to, use the homework opportunity to create a climate of learning and exploration at home. We can make it a bonding time with our children, through an activity made rewarding. For this, we need to know what we are doing wrong.

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Discipline Without Punishment

No single method of positive-disciplining (or disciplining without the use of the carrot or the stick) works every time. Different situations warrant different approaches. Sometimes we have had a bad day and that gets reflected in our interaction with our child. However, awareness and constant evaluation of our parenting helps us in our journey.

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Educating your child about sex

Do you break out in a sweat when your child wanrs to know where babies come from? Of course,you told her about the responsible stork who placed her at your doorstep. But she's at that age when she knows storks have better things to do. Was there ever a time when you had a frank discussion regarding sex?

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Don't call me names

Casting a child in a role begins early in life and quite innocently. When you think of your childhood, do the 'names' that got tagged along with your formal name resonate in your mind? Is there a label that has become a part of your identity beccause it was given to you by your parents or teachers?

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Published in The Hindu Newspaper

Why do children lie?

As parents, we all want our children to be honest. If our children lie to us about the smallest thing, our first reactions are, "How can you tell a lie? If you tell lies like this who will ever believe you? Telling lies is a bad thing to do!" Instead, do we as parents ask ourselves the question, "Why did my child feel the need to lie to me?" Or "Where did my child learn to lie?"

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Why do kids switch off?

In trying to understand why children "switch off" and close all channels of communication, parents first need to listen — to what the child is hearing. Listen to yourself speak. Throughout the day children keep hearing messages we ourselves would bristle at.

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After all, it's a child's world

Parents are always asking why children touch everything. "When I have explained to the child that this is something that will break if you drop it, why does she still insist on doing it? When I have told her that we will all get sick if she puts her dirty fingers in the dosai batter, shouldn't she understand? And how can I allow my child to play in the mud in the playground which is so full of germs?" We need to understand whether children want to touch everything just to be defiant or is there a meaning to their actions? Maybe human nature drives them.

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Care to share?

Do we have to teach children to share or does this come from within? Your three-year-old nephew comes over to play with your daughter, who is a few months younger. He makes his way over to her favourite teddy bear. After looking on for a few minutes, your daughter marches over with a determined expression and yanks the teddy from his hands.

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CHENNAI FLOODS :How do we help our children emerge strong and resilient?

It was a time of devastation and destruction for Chennai. All around, efforts were on to make sure that every citizen was rescued, had food to eat, dry clothes to wear and a roof over their head. As we move on and think about rebuilding our lives, it is important to recognize the impact of this event on everyone one of us and especially on those most vulnerable - children!

All children - those whose homes have been flooded and may have had to be evacuated, who may have had terrifying or exciting experiences of being rescued, and those who lost all their precious belongings… These kids what could they be thinking and feeling?

A guide for parents - Read more // Click here to read Tamil version

A guide for teachers - Read more

Also for teachers, ideas to use in the classroom to help children process feelings and fears thrown up by the floods- Read more