Cricket – an integral part of an Indian kid’s education

Written by Jayanthi Badrinath on Friday, 16 August 2013. Posted in Education

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My 9 year old son is passionate about (what else) cricket and is part of a cricket coaching academy. He was part of an under -11 team that played against a Chennai based academy last week. My husband and I visited them over the weekend to encourage him and we were pleasantly surprised at some of the things that the kids pick up in the tour. And this was much more beyond cricket.

1. Learning to adjust to the situation – First of all, from a moderately warm Bangalore, the kids had to brave a blazing hot Chennai and believe me that was not easy. Towards the end, you could see the kids wilting under the sun but they did not complain and continued playing.

2. Handling pressure –there was one match during which a kid bowled several wides within one over much to the chagrin of the rest of the team. The poor kid just broke down bang in the middle of the over and had to be consoled and cajoled by the umpire (!) to complete the over. The kid did that and rested for some time and came right back to the game.

3. Being independent – the kids had to fend for themselves quite a bit – there was no doting mother hovering around them and helping them get ready. The match started every day at 8:00 am and the kids were ready on time. After this trip, we felt that our decision to send him on this trip was vindicated and my son had picked up some valuable tips on life skills. While we as parents do our best in preparing our kids to handle the pressures of a real world, nothing beats experiencing it for themselves. I strongly encourage parents to take controlled risks and allow their children to experiment and sometimes learn the hard way – after all, that is in some sense practical application of education, isn't it?

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