Radio shows and Talks

Competition: Not the Best Strategy for Children  Our team member Kesang Menezes was a panelist at the S.Manjubhashini Memorial Seminar 2017 on 9th December held at Bala Mandir Research Foundation, Chennai.  Link to her talk.


Parenting Matters in association with Chennai Live 104.8 FM has successfully completed 12 episodes on radio on 'Live and let live' with RJ Jane . 


Show 1 : Is there a need to talk about parenting? Link to Bulletin ||| for video recording part 1 click here  ||  part 2 (not available due to some technical problems) || for part 3 click here 


 Show 2 : Tantrums and managing emotions Link to Bulletin  |||  Link to audio recording  


 Show 3 : Chennai Floods - How can we help children become strong and resilient?  Click here


 Show 4 : Freedom? How much is just right? Link to Bulletin ||| Link to audio recording 


 Show 5 : Wires crossed:Why do parents and children have trouble conversing?  Click here ||| Link to audio recording


 Show 6 : Punishment : Does it help build discipline? Click here  ||| Link to audio recording


 Show 7 : Why do teenagers behave the way they do? - Understanding the teenage brain Click here ||| Link to audio recording


Show 8 : Are rewards any better than punishments? Click here ||| Link to audio recording 


Show 9 : Nurturing Sibling Relationships  Click here ||| Link to audio recording


Show 10: Approaches to discipline:what helps children grow to their full potential? Click here ||| Link to audio recording 


Show 11: Fatherhood: The important role that dads play  Link to bulletin ||| Link to audio recording


Show 12: Dealing Successfully with Failure  Link to bulletin  ||| Link to audio recording