Radio Show bulletin 5


Wires Crossed:Why do parents and children have trouble conversing?


Parents complain: My kids don't talk to me. They are always busy on their phones or computers. If I ask what happened today they say "Nothing much."

Children/ young adults complain: "What the use of talking to my parents. They really don't get me."

There is so much to get done during the day that when our children come excitedly to us to talk and share, we often say "later" and that moment is lost forever. And when we parents get the time to connect, the enthusiasm from the children is gone.
• Why does it get tough to keep the conversation going with our children?
• Could it be our beliefs about our role as parents or how we view our children that come in the way?
• Why we are unable to share what is closest to our hearts with the people in our own homes?
• What can be done to change these dynamics and make conversations at home more open, light hearted and meaningful?

It is important for parents and children to make time by sharing what is happening in their lives with each other, exchanging ideas and opinions, sharing joys and regrets of the day...all these help in building communication in families. To sustain this is almost an art, because as children grow up ,they become more independent having the ability to keep themselves occupied. Parents need to recognize opportunities to interact, be available to their children so that they can continue to nurture this bond.



Brain fact: When the child receives empathy from the parent, good hormones like Oxytocin and Opioids are released in the brain which promotes emotional and social intelligence. This also helps the child (eventually an adult) to manage stress and view the world as a warm and inviting place.

This show was aired on 104.8 FM on Wednesday, 23rd December, 2015 and spoke about what blocks healthy communication -whether it is responding to toddlers having big feelings or teenagers not wanting to share their problems with parents...Is there something we can do to create deeper connection in families?