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Nurturing Sibling Relationships

 Parents say, "See how well your sister keeps her things" OR "Come on, he is your younger brother , give him the toy, you can always play with it later."

Child thinks, "I hate her, why do they always take her side?" OR," Ever since she has come, she cries and gets whatever she wants. I wish she could go away forever!"

Do we parents realise how we unknowingly create rivalry between siblings?

Parents lament," My children just don't get along! Why can't they just be nice to each other?"

How a child feels in relation to his/her sibling plays a very important part in how their personality develops and affects them throughout their life.The one who has been responsible continues to be so while the one that is labelled as lazy or careless lives up to that perception.

Do we label children? Does each child feel equally loved and appreciated? Do we have favourites? What is the root of sibling rivalry?

Eventually, all parents want their children to get along with each other not only as children but also when they grow to be adults.Often sibling competitiveness is painful and creeps into adulthood. The way we parent our children actually can foster a healthy relationship between them.To be informed and provide a nurturing environment for ALL children at home is a primary goal of parents.


siblingThis show was aired on 104.8 FM on Wednesday, 27th January 2016 and what was discussion was about fostering sibling harmony and what can we do to help children develop a beautiful bond with their siblings .